March 8, 1782
Gnadenhutten, Ohio
Militiamen from Pennsylvania murder 96 unarmed Christian Native Americans while they pray

Of the 96 killed, 39 were children, 29 women, and 28 men. Two boys managed to escape though one had been scalped before he was able to flee.

The militiamen later claimed the massacre was in retribution for recent attacks and raids by Natives on settlers, though the Lenape were pacifists and were not a part of the raids. The militiamen decided upon the Lenape’s guilt anyway and informed the group they were to be executed.

The Lenape requested time to pray and prepare for their deaths which the militiamen obliged before they retrained the villagers, bludgeoned them with mallets to stun them, then fatally scalped each. Afterwards, their bodies were piled in mission buildings and the village burned to the ground. Before the murders, the militiamen looted the village for furs, pewter, clothing, and tea sets and required 80 horses to carry everything. No charges were ever brought against any of the militiamen.

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