March 8, 1952
New York, New York
Amateur detective and clothing salesman Arnold Schuster is murdered outside his home

24-year-old Schuster had recently been involved with the capture of bank robber Willie “The Actor” Sutton; Schuster recognized the robber as he rode the subway and quickly notified police. The press covered the story and, within a month of Schuster reporting Sutton’s whereabouts, Schuster was dead from being shot twice in the groin and once in each eye. (It was reported that Schuster was shot twice in the groin, but the crime scene photo doesn’t seem to show any blood in that area which is confusing.)

Around 300 suspects were considered for the murder, including one of Sutton’s associates who was on the FBI Most Waned list and had been seen by witnesses at the scene of the murder. In 1963, a mafia turncoat testified a crime boss ordered a hit on Schuster after becoming outraged by his “squealing,” but this testimony has not been widely accepted as factual.

Schuster’s case remains unsolved.

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