March 7, 1930
Buffalo, New York
Police announce a ouija board was the catalyst for a murder

According to the article, a “girl” (who was 35) supposedly summoned a Native American chief who communicated via the ouija board to suggest a woman was a witch who must be killed. The other person using the ouija board, Nancy Bowen (66), believed the spirit and followed its directions. Along with Lila “Lilac” Jimerson (misspelled in this article as Jamison), the two attacked Clothilde Marchand with a hammer; her body was found by her 12-year-old son as he returned from school.

It was revealed the motive behind the murder was an infatuation Bowen held for Henri Marchand, the victim’s husband. Bowen had modeled for Mr. Marchand previously. Papers at the time reported Mr. Marchand was unaware of of the infatuation, but it was later revealed he had numerous affairs, a fact Mr. Marchand claimed his wife was aware of an accepted.

After two trials, Jimerson was acquitted of murder as she did not murder Mrs. Marchand herself. Bowen pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was released with a sentence of time served.

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