Famous Last Words
Keith Thurmond
March 7, 2012

“All I want to say is I’m innocent. I didn’t kill my wife. I swear to God I didn’t kill her. Go ahead and finish it off. (As the drugs began to flow) You can taste it.”

Thurmond was executed for the murder of his estranged wife and her boyfriend. He had been angry his wife was living with another man across the street from him, and only grew angrier when custody was awarded of his son was awarded to his wife. After deputies removed his son and escorted the child to his mother’s home, Thurmond put on a “black karate outfit and paced inside his trailer home with a sword and a .45-caliber handgun.”

A witness, the Thurmonds’ 6-year-old son (sometimes reported as 8 years old), watched his father repeatedly shoot his mother before pursuing her boyfriend into their mobile home at which point the boy heard more shots. The child then ran to his father’s home located across the street. Thurmond barricaded himself and his son in the home until the police were able to persuade Thurmond to surrender peacefully.

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