The fall of the Alamo

March 6, 1836
San Antonio, Mexican Texas
The 13-day siege at the Alamo culminates with the deaths of Davy Crockett, James Bowie, James Bonham, and William B. Travis

When the Mexican army led by President General Antonio López de Santa Anna stormed the Alamo following 12 days of fighting, the defenders of the Alamo were exhausted. Santa Anna had briefly ceased fire to let the defenders believe they had run out of ammunition, prompting them to fall asleep uninterrupted for the first time in nearly two weeks. Once Santa Anna was sure they were asleep, his troops advanced.

During the final confrontation, the children and women hid in the chapel while the adult men fought. All the men, save a Mexican Army deserter who claimed he was taken prisoner, were killed. Also among the casualties was a boy whom the soldiers mistook for an adult in the dark.

After the siege, the soldiers were still afflicted with blood lust and examined each body; any that moved were bayoneted. The soldiers also continued to fire blindly despite the Texas defenders having already been killed, and some of the Mexican soldiers injured or killed each other. General Santa Anna came to the soldiers himself to stop the violence, calling the buglers to sound a retreat. Regardless of the signal, the soldiers still fired into the corpses of the fallen for another 15 minutes.

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