Female Killers · Japan · Serial Killers

The arrest of two of Japan’s most infamous serial killers

March 6, 2002
Serial killers Futoshi Matsunaga (松永 太) and Junko Ogata (緒方 純子) are apprehended

Matsunaga has previously been married (and had 10 known mistresses) before he and former schoolmate Ogata became romantically involved. He allegedly wished to marry Ogata but her mother objected due to Ogata suffering abuse at the hands of Matsunaga, and Ogata’s mother was allegedly raped by Matsunaga in retaliation.

In 1993, Matsunaga convinced a married woman to leave her husband for him, telling the woman Ogata was his sister. He stole a large amount of money (¥11.8 million, approximately $145,500) and both the woman and one of her children died under suspicious circumstances, but the Japanese police were unable to conclusively prove these victims were murdered Matsunaga.

Later in 1993, Matsunaga began torturing a man named Kumio Toraya. Toraya had confided to Matsunaga his precious criminal career; Matsunaga used this information to blackmail Toraya. Toraya and his daughter were held captive while Toraya was tortured. He was electrocuted, forced to eat his feces, and endured bites Matsunaga made the daughter inflict. Toraya died from his abuse on February 26, 1996, though Matsunaga convinced the daughter she had murdered her father. Soon, another female victim and her daughter were held captive as well, though the mother managed to escape out of a second-story window and the daughter was released.

Ogata escaped from Matsunaga at this time, and so he called her mother to blackmail her about the previous rape, claiming she had seduced him. He then faked his suicide to coerce Ogata to return whereupon she was abused further.

From December 1997 to June 1998, Matsunaga worked his way through Ogata’s family:

  • Ogata’s father Takashige was electrocuted to death by Ogata
  • Rieko (Ogata’s sister) and Kazuya (Reiko’s husband) were forced to strangle Ogata’s mother Shizumi
  • Kazuya was forced to strangle Rieko as their 10-year-old daughter Aya held Rieko down
  • Kazuya was locked in a bathroom where he starved to death
  • Aya and Ogata were forced to kill Aya’s 5-year-old brother Yuki
  • Kumio’s daughter was forced to strangle Aya
  • All victims were dismembered and boiled in pots then dumped down toilets or into the sea

Eventually, Kumio’s daughter escaped (she made 2 escapes; her second was successful) and inform police of the murders. She was not charged. Ogata calmly explained the murders while Matsunaga proclaimed his innocence. Both were found guilty and sentenced to death though Ogata’s term was commuted to life as it was determined she only committed the crimes because of Matsunaga. Matsunaga has been sentenced to execution by hanging; no one in Japan knows an execution date, including the condemned, until the morning of the execution.

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