March 5, 1939/2010
Ontario, Canada
Serial killer Peter Woodcock is born (1939) and dies of natural causes (2010)

Woodcock was a serial killer who targeted children between September 1956 and January 1957 when Woodcock was 17.

The first victim was Wayne Mallette (7) who was strangled. Mallette had 2 bite marks, to his thigh and buttock, but did not appear to have been raped. Pennies were scattered near the body “ritualistically” and someone defecated near Mallette’s body.

The second victim was Gary Morris (9). He had been bitten on the throat and had been beaten and strangled. His cause of death was a ruptured liver. In place of pennies, paper clips were scattered around his body.

Woodcock’s final victim during the ‘50s was Carol Voyce (4). She was choked until unconscious. It was determined she was killed by a tree branch being forcibly inserted into her vagina.

Woodcock was found not guilty by reason of insanity and confined to a mental health facility. While incarcerated, he created an imaginary gang called The Brotherhood and convinced other inmates the gang waited for him on the outside. He offered to bring them into the fold but, to be initiated, they first had to perform oral sex on him and give him cigarettes.

Eventually, after years of being a model prisoner, Woodcock (who had legally changed his name to David Michael Krueger) was moved to a lower-security facility with the ability to be checked out and escorted in public. He and another killer, former inmate and current courthouse security officer Bruce Hamill, killed inmate Dennis Kerr after luring him out into the woods. Kerr was beaten unconscious then stabbed and hacked to death with a knife and hatchet. Kerr’s body was mutilated and cut open, and his head nearly severed. The duo then stripped naked and sodomized Kerr’s body. After the murder, Woodcock turned himself in to police.

Woodcock was transferred back to the higher-security area of his mental health facility until he died of natural causes on his 71st birthday.

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