March 2, 1871
Geisha Yoarashi Okinu poisoned her lover in order to be with a kabuki actor with whom she had fallen in love

Yoarashi had become the mistress of a daimyo (high-ranking lords under the shogunate in feudal Japan) before meeting a kabuki actor named Arashi Rikaku. She paid for sex with Arashi and began having feelings for the actor. In an effort to be with her new lover she poisoned her old. Arashi harbored Yoarashi after the murder though the pair were eventually discovered.

Yoarashi was sentenced to death by beheading, with her execution postponed until the birth of the child she was carrying by the Arashi; she was executed March 28, 1872 and her head prominently displayed for several days. Arashi was originally destined to be executed as well, though his sentence was reduced to 3 years, after which he returned to his career in kabuki.

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