March 2, 1127
Bruges, County of Flanders (modern-day Belgium and northern France)
Charles the Good is assassinated

Charles was the Duke of Flanders. Two years prior to his death had tried to overcome a famine in his lands, choosing to expel the Jews from the area, claiming they were the cause. Aside from resorting to superstitions, Charles also gave bread to the poor, took control of the grain stocks to ensure they weren’t hoarded and sold at inflated prices, and attempted to reduce the influence of a family who had tried to profit from the famine. This action caused the aforementioned family, the Erembalds, to order the assassination of Charles in order to gain back their lost status and wealth.

On the morning of March 2, 1127, as Charles knelt in prayer, a group of Knights under the rule of the Erembalds hacked Charles to death with their broadswords. Public outrage at the sacrilegious nature of the murder gained Charles almost immediate martyrdom, and the Erembalds responsible for Charles’ murder were arrested and tortured to death.

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