New Jersey

The Lindbergh baby kidnapping

March 1, 1932
Hopewell, New Jersey
The Lindbergh Baby is kidnapped from his room as he sleeps

The kidnapping became a nationwide sensation, as the child was the son of renowned aviator Charles Lindbergh, and was often called “The Crime of the Century.” A note was left requesting a ransom and no police involvement. A ransom was delivered, but the child was never returned.

Months later, a trucker discovered the badly decomposed corpse of the toddler, identified by a distinguishing feature of overlapping toes, and it was discovered he had died from a skull fracture due to blunt force trauma.

Charles Sr. immediately insisted the toddler be cremated, which along with other suspicious activities of the household staff, led some to believe the kidnapping was an inside job. Two years later, investigators claimed Richard Hauptmann had been the perpetrator. He was found guilty and executed, though he confessed his innocence until his death and many historians question his guilt.

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