Germany · Massacres/Mass Murder

The Hinterkaifeck murders

March 31, 1922 Hinterkaifeck, Germany (present-day Waidhofen, Bavaria, Germany) A family of 5 and their maid are murdered in their home Around 6 months before the murders, the family’s previous maid quit, complaining the farm was haunted; her replacement, Maria Baumgartner, began working the day of the murders and was killed within hours of arriving.… Continue reading The Hinterkaifeck murders

Today in Horror History

Heathers released on this day, 1989

Released March 31, 1989 In the same vein as the infamous Poltergeist curse (two of the children from the movies died at young ages, one at 22 who was murdered by her boyfriend and the other at 12 of septic shock), two cast members of Heathers died in strangely prophetic ways: Jeremy Applegate played Peter… Continue reading Heathers released on this day, 1989

Mississippi · Newspaper clippings

Mass shooting during school concert (1891)

March 30, 1891* Liberty, Mississippi An unknown assailant fired a double-barreled shotgun into a crowd during a school concert. Fourteen were wounded, one seriously enough for newspapers to report he wouldn’t recover. I could not find any information about the aftermath of the shooting, though one newspaper, The Daily Times (New Brunswick, NJ; Mar 30… Continue reading Mass shooting during school concert (1891)