Fictional History
February 27, 1994
Celina, Texas
Olivia Mabel’s rotting body is found by police as she sits next to her son’s body

Olivia and her husband suffered the tragic loss of their 7-year-old son 4 years before, leading to their divorce. On February 27, a 911 call came in to dispatchers, though the line was silent. Police were sent only to discover Olivia’s body in an advanced state of decay with a note dated for the day they arrived. However, it was estimated by the amount of decomposition that Olivia had died months before her body was discovered. Along with the remains of Olivia’s and her son Aiden’s bodies, police found a Tibetan altar which was allegedly part of a resurrection ceremony.

Though this story was passed off as true by a few blogs, the photos and several articles were written as part of a viral Kickstarter campaign for an independent horror movie called Thoughtform. The Kickstarter campaign was unfortunately unsuccessful. A teaser trailer for the movie can be seen here.

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