February 26, 2015
Tyrone, Missouri
Joseph Jesse Aldridge shoots and kills 7 people, wounds 1, and kills himself

For reasons undetermined, Aldridge armed himself with a .45-caliber handgun and began murdering adults he had allegedly been feuding with recently. Authorities believe the shootings began when Aldridge discovered his mother dead on her couch, having passed away from a metastatic lung cancer, though a relative believes Aldridge smothered his mother in her sleep before starting his shooting spree.

Newspapers quoted a resident of Tyrone, Nora Shriver, as saying “half of the town got killed last night.” While the statement was hyperbole, the town was quite small; a 2000 census listed the town’s population at 412.

The mass murder was the worst Texas County, Missouri had ever seen, which averages 1 homicide a year.

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