“Ghost rockets” first observed

February 26, 1946 The first of many mysterious "ghost rockets" are witnessed by Finnish observers These rocket-like shapes appeared mostly in Sweden and surrounding countries, with approximately 2,000 reported between May and December 1946, and the first reported on February 26, 1946. Their appearances were also verified by radar. Many speculations have been made to… Continue reading “Ghost rockets” first observed

Massacres/Mass Murder · Missouri

February 26, 2015 Tyrone, Missouri Joseph Jesse Aldridge shoots and kills 7 people, wounds 1, and kills himself For reasons undetermined, Aldridge armed himself with a .45-caliber handgun and began murdering adults he had allegedly been feuding with recently. Authorities believe the shootings began when Aldridge discovered his mother dead on her couch, having passed… Continue reading

Newspaper clippings

Clipping (1920): writing to Martians using smoke signals

From The Decatur Herald Published February 26, 1920 A professor suggested using large smoke screens, the size of “the whole state of Pennsylvania,” to communicate to Martians. Another suggestion proposed cutting down huge forests to spell out words, in English, of course. It was suspected that a Martian would “ able to read plain English.”

New York · Political

1993 World Trade Center bombing

February 26, 1993 New York, New York A truck bomb explodes under the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing 6 and injuring 1,042 A group of fundamentalist Islamic terrorists planned for a truck filled with 1,336 pounds of urea nitrate-hydrogen gas to the detonate under the North Tower of the World Trade Center,… Continue reading 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Bangladesh · Religion

Blogger killed with machete for being a “blasphemer”

February 26, 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh Avijit Roy is hacked to death with a machete for being a "blasphemer" Roy had been a blogger, an advocate of free expression, and opponent of government censorship in Bangladesh. He created the blog Mukto-Mona which encouraged freethinking and was geared towards atheists, humanists, and skeptics of South Asian descent.… Continue reading Blogger killed with machete for being a “blasphemer”