Happy birthday, Sean Astin

Happy birthday, Sean Astin Born February 25, 1971 Astin has appeared in The Goonies (pictured), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Stranger Things 2, The Strain, Toy Soldiers, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, the Bunnicula TV series, Dead Ant, and The Willies among others.

Early crime scene photo: bound 6-year-old (1881)

February 25, 1881 Paris, France The body of bound and killed Jules Jacques Schoenën, killed February 25, 1881, is one of the first crime scene photographs. Jules was only 6 when he was killed (and possibly raped) by a local 16-year-old. Very little information has survived regarding this murder, including the killer’s name or fate.

Cave of the Patriarchs massacre

February 25, 1994 Hebron, Palestine American-born Israeli far-right extremist and physician Baruch Goldstein opens fire in the Cave of the Patriarchs (which was serving as a mosque), killing 29 and wounding at least 125 before being beaten to death by survivors Goldstein, who was serving as a doctor in the Israeli Defenses Force, entered the…

FLW: didn’t die with his boots on

Famous Last Words John Vanderpied Shelbyville, Kentucky February 25, 1881 “I will give (my shoes) to the poor. The Courier-Journal cannot say I died with my boots on.” Vanderpied (also spelled Vonderheide, Vinderhide, Vanderhorde, Vanderhide, and many other variations) was convicted of the murder of 13-year-old Rebecca Johnston, though he maintained his innocence claiming the…