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9-year-old hanged for arson (1629)

February 23, 1629 Abingdon, England John Dean (9) is hanged for arson John Dean was an "infant between eight and nine years," according to court documents, when he was tried and executed for setting fire to two barns in a nearby town. Though records do not show any injuries or deaths, the judge felt Dean… Continue reading 9-year-old hanged for arson (1629)

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FLW: John Quincy Adams, content in death

Famous Last Words John Quincy Adams Washington, D. C. February 23, 1848 "This is the last of Earth. I am content." John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States and long-time opponent of slavery and advocate of science. Adams never retired after his presidency and remained in Congress, even after he suffered… Continue reading FLW: John Quincy Adams, content in death

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Atom smasher destroyed in “mysterious blaze”

February 23, 1950 Princeton, New Jersey A photo is published of an atom smasher destroyed in a “mysterious blaze” The photo’s caption reads “A fireman inspects the damaged to Princeton University's 18-million volt cyclotron, which helped create the original hydrogen bomb, after it was damaged in a mysterious blaze.” According to the Los Angeles Times… Continue reading Atom smasher destroyed in “mysterious blaze”


Crime boss Ignazio “Jack” Dragna dies at 64

February 23, 1956 Los Angeles, California Ignazio "Jack" Dragna, organized crime boss, dies of a heart attack at 64 Dragna was one of the most successful and least known of the crime bosses, preferring to stay out of the public eye which allowed him to die in prison rather than executed like many other crime… Continue reading Crime boss Ignazio “Jack” Dragna dies at 64