February 22, 1943
Munich, Germany
Siblings Hans (left) and Sophie Scholl and their friend Christoph Probst (right) are executed for high treason

Hans Scholl had been a member of the Hitler Youth but became disillusioned after witnessing what the Nazi Party actually stood for. He saw firsthand the treatment of the Jews in Poland and Russia, and helped found an anti-Nazi non-violent protest group.

Hans, his sister Sophie, Christopher Probst, and three other students wrote leaflets speaking out against the Nazi regime, and the Scholls were discovered distributing the leaflets by throwing them off a roof. They were arrested February 18, convicted and sentenced to death February 22, and beheaded the same day. They were so calm and brave leading to their execution their guards were impressed and allowed them to meet, against regulations, a final time before their executions. Hans was 24, Sophie 21, and Probst 22.

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