Australia · Massacres/Mass Murder

Greenough Family Massacre

February 21, 1993
Greenough, Western Australia, Australia
Four members of the MacKenzie family are killed with an axe

The killer was William Patrick Mitchell, a friend of Karen MacKenzie (31), who had recently rejected his advances. Reportedly intoxicated on a mixture of cannabis, alcohol, and amphetamines, Mitchell visited the MacKenzie home. He was met first by 16-year-old Daniel who was killed with an axe outside the home. Mitchell then entered the house, killed Karen and raped her body, then killed Amara (7) and Katrina (5) in their beds as they slept.

The judge presiding over the trial ordered the details of the crime to be sealed due to their graphic nature. However, as Mitchell pleaded guilty not only to 4 counts of murder but 4 counts of sexual assault as well, it can be inferred each victim had been violated.

After pleading guilty, Mitchell was sentenced to 4 consecutive life terms.

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