February 20, 2016
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Uber driver Jason Dalton goes on a shooting spree, killing 6 and injuring 2, because he claimed the Uber app took control of his mind and body

Dalton, who had no history of criminal activity or mental illness, claimed the Uber app’s symbol resembled that of the Order of the Eastern Star. He visited 3 areas, killing 6 between the ages of 17 and 74 and injuring 2, ages 14 and 25. Police acted quickly to stop the murders, apprehending Dalton without further incident.

In custody, Dalton confessed to the murders and eventually provided his motive, though he was hesitant at first because he feared being seen as a “crazy person.”

Dalton’s trial has been consistently delayed over two years, with the most recent delay occurring due to an appeal to a pre-trial motion.

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