February 20, 1926

Various crimes are mentioned in the Oakland Tribune, published February 21 1926. The clippings include:
* The first victim of serial killer Earle Leonard Nelson, who killed between 22 to 25 women, primarily landladies. He had a habit of mutilating the bodies and was a necrophiliac.
* A teenage girl escaped from a moving car to avoid being “petted” (groped), resulting in severe head injuries.
* The city of Omaha recovers after a sniper killed 2 and injured a third over a couple weeks in early February.  It was later found that Frank Carter was responsible for the murders. No motive for the attacks have been offered, though he did attempt an insanity defense. The defense was unsuccessful and he was electrocuted June 24, 1927.

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Feb_21__1926_ (2).jpg

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Feb_21__1926_.jpgOakland_Tribune_Sun__Feb_21__1926_ (1).jpg

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