February 12, 1976
West Hollywood, California 
Actor Sal Mineo is killed during a robbery attempt

Mineo had appeared in films including Rebel Without a Cause and Exodus in his younger years, but as his boyish good looks faded, so did his career. He also was one of the first actors to openly come out, coming out as bisexual.

On February 12, 1976, Mineo was in his carport of his home when an “unusually pale” man stabbed Mineo once directly in the heart, and bled out before an ambulance could arrive.

Strangely, all three major actors from Rebel Without a Cause died untimely deaths. James Dean died at 24 in a fatal car crash, Sal Mineo died at 37 from a botched robbery, and Natalie Wood died at 43 from drowning.


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