February 10, 1990
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Two robbers gun down 7 at a bowling alley, killing 4

The robbery happened at the beginning of the day as manager Stephanie Senac was preparing to open. Her daughter Melissa Repass and her daughter’s friend Amy Houser were also at the alley planning to help supervise the alley’s day care. Also in the business was Ida Holguin, the alley’s cook.

Two men entered the bowling alley through an unlocked door and ordered the women and girls to lay down on the office floor. They took between $4,000-$5,000 then shot each victim several times with a .22 caliber pistol.

Steve Teran, the bowling alley’s mechanic, stopped by the building around this time with his two young daughters; he had not been able to find a babysitter and was planning to leave them at the day care. When Teran did not see anyone in the alley, he came across the crime scene. He was overpowered by the 2 assailants who shot and killed Teran and his daughters before attempting to set fire to the office and fleeing the scene.

Repass, who had been shot 5 times, was able to call 911 which saved her life as well as her mother’s and Holguin’s. The case remains unsolved.

The surviving victims were:

  • Stephanie Senac
  • Melissa Repass (12, Senac’s daughter)
  • Ida Holguin

Those killed were:

  • Amy Houser (13, Repass’s friend)
  • Steve Teran
  • Valerie Teran (6, Teran’s daughter)
  • Paula Holguin (2, Teran’s daughter, no relation to Ida)

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