February 9, 1996
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Clifton McCree shoots and kills 5 park employees, injures a 6th, then kills himself in revenge for being fired 2 years prior

McCree had worked for the city’s park department for 18 years when he was fired in 1994 for a slew of reasons, including threatening his co-workers and being rude to the public, though failing a drug test is the reason most often reported and seemingly the reason behind the attack.

In a suicide note found in his pocket, McCree stated he believed the drug test was unfair and that everyone should have been subjected to the same test, adding he believed he was singled out because he was black and his co-workers were white. He also stated the shootings were “to punish some of the cowardly, racist devils” and complained he was no longer able to take support his family.

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