February 7, 1987
Terre Haute, Indiana
Bill Benefiel kills 19-year-old Delores Wells after raping and torturing her

The abuse Wells suffered at the end of her life was witnessed by another kidnapped victim, a 17-year-old girl held captive for approximately 4 months before Wells’ murder. The younger victim saw Benefiel naked and handcuffed to a bed with her eyes and mouth taped shut. She testified Benefiel beat Wells, then put superglue in her nostrils and pinched her nose shut. He left the younger victim in the house for 2 hours then returned confessing to killing Wells and burying her body.

Wells’ body was discovered quickly and lead investigators to Benefiel. When police visited his house, he attempted to hide his surviving victim in a crawl space but she was found and rescued. She described her 4 months in captivity including being chained and handcuffed to a bed, being raped and sodomized at gunpoint approximately 60 times, her eyelids glued shut, her eyes taped shut, toilet paper forced in her mouth, cut with a knife, and beaten.

Benefiel attempted an insanity defense but was still given the death sentence. He was executed by lethal injection April 21, 2005.

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