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Happy birthday, Eddie Izzard

Happy birthday, Eddie Izzard Born February 7, 1962 Izzard is a standup comedian, actor, activist, and writer. He had appeared in The Day of the Triffids miniseries (2009), Shadow of the Vampire (pictured, 2000), Mockingbird Lane (the 2012 failed pilot that was to be a reimagining of the 60s Classic TV show The Munsters), and… Continue reading Happy birthday, Eddie Izzard


Teen murdered after prolonged torture and rape

February 7, 1987 Terre Haute, Indiana Bill Benefiel kills 19-year-old Delores Wells after raping and torturing her The abuse Wells suffered at the end of her life was witnessed by another kidnapped victim, a 17-year-old girl held captive for approximately 4 months before Wells' murder. The younger victim saw Benefiel naked and handcuffed to a… Continue reading Teen murdered after prolonged torture and rape

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Clipping: wife murderer hanged (1873)

February 7, 1873 Henry McNulty (sometimes spelled as McNulta) is hanged for beating his wife to death while drunk McNulty claimed he was the victim of murder, stating he was given a subpar trial. In fact, evidence against him was at best circumstantial; a neighbor overheard the couple arguing before Mrs. McNulty died. However, Mr.… Continue reading Clipping: wife murderer hanged (1873)