John Valentine Hope’s body found

February 5, 2005 Queens, New York The headless body of a young boy, between the ages of 3 and 5, is found wrapped in a Disney blanket and stuffed in a duffle bag The child was named John Valentine Hope as he was found near Valentine's Day. Upon examination, it was determined he had been…

Happy birthday, H. R. Giger

Happy birthday H. R. Giger Born February 5, 1940 Giger was a surrealist painter who's work was prominently dark, often with a combination between machinery and organic life. He is well known for his design of the Xenomorph, the creature from the Alien series.

FLW: what’s holding those fellows up?

Famous Last Words Robert Walter Avery Utah February 5, 1943 "It's getting light. What's holding those fellows up?" Avery was executed for the fatal shooting of a police officer who interrupted a botched robbery at a grocery store. Avery and his wife (who was arrested by later released) made off with $150 before their capture.

The first Markale massacre

February 5, 1994 Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina The first of two Markale massacres occurs The Army of the Republic of Srpska attacked the open air market, firing a 120mm mortar shell into a crowd of people, killing 68 and wounding 144. The image shows the aftermath of one of the massacres (the other occurred August…

The feast of St. Agatha of Sicily

February 5 The feast of St. Agatha of Sicily According to legend, St. Agatha had dedicated her virginity to God. When she was 15, a Roman official named Quintianus attempted to pull her from her vows and marry her. When she refused, he had her arrested for her faith and presided as judge over her…