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FLW: don’t be afraid

Famous Last Words Duncan Richardson Little Rock, Arkansas February 2, 1923 "Don't be afraid of me. I would as soon have you do it as anyone." Richardson (29) was executed with his brother Ben (19), accomplice E. G. Bullen (also listed as Phelin Bullin) had killed, hacked, dismembered, and partially burned 82-year-old Ira H. Culp… Continue reading FLW: don’t be afraid

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The death of Donald Pleasence

February 2, 1995 Donald Pleasence dies at the age of 75 Pleasence was a horror icon, appearing in the Halloween movie franchise, Phenomena (aka Creepers), Alone in the Dark, Dracula (1979), Escape to Witch Mountain, The Twilight Zone and many, many more. His body was cremated and his remains given to a family member or… Continue reading The death of Donald Pleasence

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Teen accidentally drowns after argument with man

February 2, 1946 A 17-year-old is "accidentally" drowned following an altercation with a 32-year-old man According to the man, the young lady asked him for a drink and he replied he had none. He then claimed she scratched him, he shoved her, and the two toppled into the water. He asked if she was alright… Continue reading Teen accidentally drowns after argument with man