Michael C. Hall’s birthday

Happy birthday, Michael C. Hall Born February 1, 1971 Best known as the titular character in Dexter, the serial killer who preys on other killers, Hall has also starred in Six Feet Under which follows the lives of a family running a funeral home.

Dying woman thrown in pond on children’s bodies

February 1, 1998 Vichy, Missouri Mark Christeson and Jesse Carter rape Susan Brouk, slice her throat, kill her children (12 and 9) as she is dying, then throw her body on top of her children's in a pond to drown her Carter testified against Christeson and in turn was given a life sentence without parole.…

12-year-old Poltergeist star dies

February 1, 1988 San Diego, California Heather O'Rourke dies from cardiac arrest following septic shock resulting from an operation to repair an obstructed bowel Heather, one of the victims of the so-called Poltergeist curse, was just 12 when she died and best known for her line "they're here!" in the Poltergeist movies.