California · Female Killers · Massacres/Mass Murder · Workplace Violence

Woman shoots former co-workers, self

January 30, 2006
Goleto, California
Jennifer San Marco kills her former neighbor then enters her former place of employment, killing 6 more before committing suicide

San Marco had been placed on retirement for psychological disability in 2003 after having to be removed from her work by police. She also had been known to make racially-charged comments to colleagues and attempted to start a publication called “The Racist Press.”

She was able to legally purchase a gun from a pawn store following a background check. She then drove from her new home in Milan, NM to Goleta, CA. She first gunned down her former neighbor the drove to the mail processing facility where she used to work. There she killed another 6 before ending her own life.

According to notes, which were reportedly little more than ramblings, left at her New Mexico residence, San Marco believed the post office targeted her in a conspiracy. Investigators believe her history of paranoia and other mental illnesses drove her to the mass murder.

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