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Woman shoots former co-workers, self

January 30, 2006 Goleto, California Jennifer San Marco kills her former neighbor then enters her former place of employment, killing 6 more before committing suicide San Marco had been placed on retirement for psychological disability in 2003 after having to be removed from her work by police. She also had been known to make racially-charged… Continue reading Woman shoots former co-workers, self

England · Executions · Famous Last Words · Political

FLW: signals own execution

January 30, 1649 London, England King Charles I is executed for treason against his country. Defiant to the end, Charles demonstrated poise under pressure. He grew his beard and hair out after Parliament dismissed his barber, and asked his executioner "is my hair well?" He wore two cotton shirts to keep the cold January air… Continue reading FLW: signals own execution

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Wedding dress to burial shroud

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published January 30, 1919 A woman became suicidal after her husband-to-be failed to follow through with his commitment. She left behind a note expressing her wish to have her bridal gown become her death shroud. Despite searches, the would-be bride was not found following her disappearance. Further research did not… Continue reading Wedding dress to burial shroud