Executed 2 years after death

January 30, 1661 England Oliver Cromwell is executed posthumously Cromwell was tried two years after his death and found guilty of high treason for his part in dethroning Charles I, on the 12th anniversary of Charles I's execution. Cromwell and three others instrumental in Charles' trial and execution (Robert Blake, John Bradshaw, and Henry Ireton)…

MLK’s house bombed

January 30, 1956 Montgomery, Alabama Martin Luther King, Jr.'s house is bombed in retaliation for the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, which resulted from Rosa Parks' refusal to give her bus seat to a white person

The 47 Ronin’s revenge

January 30, 1703 Japan The 47 Ronin avenge their master's death by demanding the official responsible for his death commit seppuku (ritual suicide). He refuses, and the Ronin behead him, thus restoring their honor