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Cleveland Torso Murderer’s third victim

January 26, 1936 Cleveland, Ohio The body of Florence Polillo, the third victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer, is found The Cleveland Torso Murderer was a serial killer with 12 known victims and another 8 suspected victims between 1935-1938. Polillo was the second and last victim to be positively identified and the third known victim.… Continue reading Cleveland Torso Murderer’s third victim


The liberation of Auschwitz

January 27, 1945 Oswiecim, Poland The Auschwitz concentration camp is overtaken by Soviet soldiers, liberating the starving survivors When the Nazis received information Soviet forces were making their way to Auschwitz (they had already liberated Warsaw and Krakow), soldiers tried eliminating as much evidence of their war crimes as possible, including shooting prisoners, burning evidence,… Continue reading The liberation of Auschwitz

New York

Crowd exits Birdland in high spirits despite stabbing death

January 26, 1959 New York, New York A crime scene photo of a crowd following a murder The caption attached to the photo reads: "Crowd leaving Birdland in an upbeat mood, despite the SLASHING DEATH earlier in the evening of the club's assistant manager, Zachira "Irving" Levy." The victim had been stabbed following an argument… Continue reading Crowd exits Birdland in high spirits despite stabbing death