Famous Last Words
John Albert Taylor
Draper, Utah
January 26, 1996

“I would like to say for my family and my friends, as the poem was written, ‘Remember me, but let me go.'”

Taylor was executed by firing squad for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. Between 1:30PM and 3:20PM (between the time her foster grandmother dropped her off at her apartment and the time her mother arrived home) on June 23, 1989, Taylor raped the girl, shoved her panties into her mouth, wrapped her nightgown around her head, and strangled her with a telephone cord.

Taylor’s sister gave the police department a tip leading to his arrest. Taylor had been staying at the same apartment complex with another sister, arriving just 4 days before the murder. During his trial, Taylor claimed he entered the apartment to burglarize it, leaving behind fingerprint evidence, but did not come in contact with any residents.

Taylor chose firing squad as his method of execution because “To be strapped to a table and injected full of drugs leaves me with a feeling of helplessness; because I am innocent of the crime for which I was convicted of. Anyway, if my execution is carried out, it will be a murder. Granted, it may be legally sanctioned, but, nonetheless, murder it will be, and the firing squad is my way of showing that point; and because of the cost and the inconvenience it will cause the state because they are not really prepared for an execution by firing squad.”

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