January 21, 2005
East Moline, Illinois
Adrianne Leigh Reynolds (16) is beaten and strangled to death, set on fire, dismembered, and dumped by two fellow students

Sarah Kolb (16 at the time of the murder) and Corey Gregory (also 16 at the time) befriended Reynolds after she moved to East Moline from Texas. On January 21, Reynolds and Kolb began arguing in a car while Gregory drove. In a parking lot, Gregory held Reynolds down as Kolb strangled her with a belt and beat her with a wooden handle.

Once Reynolds was dead, Kolb and Gregory tried to burn Reynolds’ body at Kolb’s grandparents’ farm in an attempt to conceal the crime. When it failed to ignite, the two recruited another teen, Nathan Gaudet (16), to help dismember and dispose of Reynold’s body. Gaudet, who was known to have a fascination with gore and enjoyed killing animals, dismembered Reynolds’ body. The trio dumped her torso and legs in a ravine, ate lunch, then discarded her head and arms under a manhole cover (pictured).

A few days after the murder, Gregory broke down and confessed to his parents about the murder. At trial, he pleaded guilty and was given a 45 year term, 40 for murder and 5 for concealment of a body, the maximum allowed with a plea deal. Kolb pleaded not guilty and, after her first trial ended in a mistrial, was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 48 years for murder and 5 for concealment. Gaudet was sentenced to 5 years for concealment and released early after serving nearly 4 years in a juvenile detention facility. He died in an automobile accident in 2012.

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