January 19, 1947
Los Angeles, California

This crime scene is from the book Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective’s Scrapbook, a sort of macabre scrapbook of crime scenes, mug shots, and other grizzly photographs collected by Detective Jack Huddleston, text by Katherine Dunn, and edited/designed by Sean Tejaratchi.

This particular scene did not include an explanation or names of the victims, and very little information to continue further research. Due to the positioning of the bodies and gun, it appears to be the aftermath a murder-suicide, though the motive is likely lost to time.

2 thoughts on “An apparent murder-suicide (graphic)

  1. i looked this up on microfilm some years ago. it’s a murder suicide of a ww2 soldier who came back with undiagnosed ptsd. according to her father that they lived with they were newlyweds that appeared to be perfectly happy. one night after they returned from having dinner he just flipped out and killed her then killed himself. the dad said there was absolutely no indication anything like this would happen.


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