From the Chicago Daily Tribune
January 18, 1929


Detroit, Mich., Jan 15 — (AP) — Four person were believed to have been killed in a explosion which this morning destroyed a store with an apartment above. Two men who, police believed, threw a bomb through a store window were found injured seriously in front of the building.

Neighbors said Fred Garrisi, owner of the store, his wife and two children lived in the second floor apartment. Three other children attend school in Kalamazoo, Mich. Apparently no one knew whether they were at home when the bomb exploded.

The Roosevelt theater was set afire and other buildings were menaced.

The two men found injured are Jose Zangaro, 36, and Philip Gusmano, 25. Zangaro carried a revolver, police said, and the two were held for questioning.


Thaws Out Oil Tank with Torch; Killed by Blast

Rock Island, Ill., Jan. 17 — (Special.) — James E. Simmons, 39, oil station operator, was killed today when a 50 gallon drum of waste oil which he was attempting to thaw out with a blow torch, exploded. Flames ignited Simmons’ clothing. When passersby reached him he was dead.

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