January 17, 2017 
Kansas City, Missouri 
Randy Potter commits suicide in the parking lot of the Kansas City International Airport and, despite assurance from airport police his vehicle would be searched for, is not discovered for 8 months 

Potter’s actions leading up to his disappearance did not seem out of the ordinary, but according to his wife he was not open with his emotions. He laid out his work clothes the night before his disappearance and left during his normal time to go to work, but left his work clothes behind. When he didn’t show up for work, his company calling the family to ask of his whereabouts. The family, understandably concerned, reported his disappearance to police, set up a Facebook page to network a search party, and on a hunch from Potter’s niece called the Kansas City International Airport who assured the family they regularly recorded license plate numbers in the lot and would notify the family should Potter’s truck be found. 

On September 12, police responded to a call regarding a foul odor coming from a vehicle in the lot. When police investigated, they found the body of Randy Potter under a blanket in an advanced state of decomposition, to the point it was not immediately obvious what race or sex the body was. Also in the vehicle was Potter’s gun. His death was officially ruled a suicide. 

Potter’s family has heavily criticized the airport police management for their seeming apathetic response. As of September 2017, an internal investigation within the airport security company was underway to find why the license plates were not recorded daily as the company was contractually obligated to do, but no outcomes have been reported at this time.

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