Happy birthday, Betty White 

Happy birthday, Betty White Born January 17, 1922 Betty played, in my opinion, the second most memorable part of the movie Lake Placid, following only the giant crocodile antagonist. Her foul mouthed persona clashed beautifully against her sweet-little-old-lady exterior.

FLW: I got it coming 

Famous Last Words  Bernard "Knifey" Sawicki  Illinois January 17, 1942 "I got it coming!" 19-year-old Knifey Sawicki was executed for the murder of a police officer during a failed carjacking, though he killed 3 others as well, 2 of whom were also teenagers. Clipping: Chicago Daily Tribune, Jan. 17, 1942

Man kills self in airport parking lot, found 8 months later 

January 17, 2017  Kansas City, Missouri  Randy Potter commits suicide in the parking lot of the Kansas City International Airport and, despite assurance from airport police his vehicle would be searched for, is not discovered for 8 months  Potter's actions leading up to his disappearance did not seem out of the ordinary, but according to…

FLW: let’s do it 

Famous Last Words  Gary Gilmore  Draper, Utah  January 17, 1977  "Let's do it!"  Gilmore was executed for the robbery and murder of a gas station attendant and motel manager. When sentenced to death, he chose firing squad over hanging as he believed hanging could be botched causing the executed to be slowly strangled instead of…