From the Chicago Daily Tribune.
Published Wednesday, January 14, 1931

“Whoopee Girl’s Mystery Death Stirs Capital

Beulah Limerick Case Has Echo in Senate”

The rest is obscured and difficult to read. However, this article discusses Beulah Limerick’s mysterious death, nicknamed the Whoopee Girl in reference to a club she and her brother had formed in 1930, the Sky-High Whoopee Club.

The 19-year-old was found by her brother with her hair and makeup impeccable. As no markings or trauma was found on her body, a med student examining her determined she had died of an aneurism. However, her undertaker had found the real cause of death: a .25 caliber bullet to the brain, with the entry wound covered carefully with her hair to mask it.

One of the first suspects was her ex-husband, a man in his mid 50s who had married Beulah when she was 14, but he was quickly eliminated as a suspect. Leads became dead ends, a man confessing to the murder knew none of the facts, a hurried trial ended in acquittal. Eventually Beulah’s case was forgotten, unsolved.

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