Female Killers · Texas

Husband stabbed nearly 200 times after tied to bed

January 13, 2003
Houston, Texas
Susan Wright (26) ties her husband Jeff (34) to their bed and stabs him 193 times

Shortly before the murder, Jeff had dug a hole in the couple’s yard as part of a home improvement project. On January 13, Susan tied Jeff to their bed, stabbed him 193 times with 2 knives, and buried his body in the hole Jeff dig unknowingly as his own grave. The next day, Susan claimed Jeff was abusive and filed a restraining order against him. On January 18, Susan invited her attorney to her home and confessed to the murder. The attorney then called police to report the murder and Susan was arrested.

At trial, prosecution claimed Susan seduced her husband into the bed and killed him in cold blood to collect his $200,000 life insurance policy. The defense painted a picture of a long-suffering wife who killed her husband out of fear of her own life as well as that of her children, punctuated with Susan’s testimony that she had stabbed Jeff nearly 200 times from head to toe because she believed he might overpower and kill her if she stopped.

The jury found Susan guilty of murder and settled on a compromise between the prosecution’s suggested sentence of 55 or more years and the defense’s recommendation of probation, giving Susan a 25 year prison term.

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