Famous Last Words
Sir Thomas Blount
Holton, Somerset, England
January 12, 1400

Sir Thomas was executed for his crime of being a loyalist to Richard II, and his execution was particularly long and tortuous.

He, and a fellow loyalist, were hanged but not allowed to die. They were then brought in front of a small fire, and Sir Thomas asked the executioner if he was the one to deliver Sir Thomas to death. When the executioner confirmed he was, the executioner asked Sir Thomas for forgiveness. Sir Thomas forgave him and kissed him.

The executioner then took a razor and sliced open the loyalists abdomens, and pulled the intestines out onto the fire before them. The executioner asked Sir Thomas if he needed a drink, which prompted the famous last words “No, you have taken away wherein to put it, thank God,” before asking his executioner to finish the job. The request was not because Sir Thomas was in pain, but rather because he wanted to no longer be near the traitors. His executioner granted this wish and beheaded him, then drew and quartered him.

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