January 12, 1998
Deputy Kyle Dinkheller is killed following a routine traffic stop

Deputy Dinkheller (22) pulled over Andrew Brannan for speeding at 98 mph. Brannan quickly turn belligerent towards the Deputy after placing his hands in his pocket and the Deputy asked him to keep them in view. Brannan then began dancing exaggeratedly. As events escalated, Deputy Dinkheller called for assistance leading to Brannan rushing towards the Deputy who held his security baton out defensively. During this time, Brannan can be heard yelling he is a “Goddamned Vietnam combat veteran”.

Brannan then retrieved an M1 carbine from his vehicle and shot at Deputy Dinkheller. The Deputy fired back, both men missing their targets. During the forthcoming shootout, Brannan was shot in the abdomen while Deputy Dinkheller was shot 9 times. Brannan then approached the wounded Deputy, carefully aimed, told him “die, fucker,” and shot Deputy Dinkweller fatally in his right eye. He then casually drove away.

During trial, Brannan’s lawyers tried to avoid a death penalty due to reason of insanity, citing Brannan’s PTSD. This plea was rejected and Brannan was executed by lethal injection on January 13, 2015.

Deputy Dinkheller’s dash cam video can be seen here. Some language is present though no blood or gore is shown.

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