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FLW: the governor’s phone must be broken

Famous Last Words
Jeffrey David Matthews
January 11, 2011

“Let my mother know I love her. I just want to thank everyone for their support. I also want to thank all my buddies on death row. I hear you banging. I hate to see you all in this situation. I’m sitting here enjoying my last moments. Enjoy your lives. I think the governor’s phone is broke. He hadn’t called yet.”

Matthews and accomplice Tracy Dyer robbed Matthews’ great uncle and great aunt, shooting the man once in the head and slicing the woman’s throat. The murderers fled with the couple’s truck, $500 in cash, and a .32-caliber pistol. His great aunt survived the attack, later passing away of natural causes.

During trial, Dyer pleaded guilty and received a life sentence. He also testified against Matthews though he recanted a few years later, testifying on behalf of Matthews at an appeal, though it did not sway the minds of the court. Matthews was executed by lethal injection.

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