Teen killed by “being swung by his heels by a circus clown”

January 11, 1854 San Francisco, California William Snyder, a 13-year-old, either dies or is buried after an unfortunate accident after "being swung by his heels by a circus clown." I couldn't find any additional information or verification on this death, though at least one source claims William died after being accidentally dropped on his head.… Continue reading Teen killed by “being swung by his heels by a circus clown”

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1998 Algerian massacre

January 11, 1998 Sidi-Hamed, Algeria A group of suspected Islamic radicals kill between 120 and 400+ people Those responsible for the attack have not been confirmed, with speculation falling on groups wishing to prove the government has little to no power to protect its people, the Armed Islamic Group, or the Islamic Salvation Front. As… Continue reading 1998 Algerian massacre

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FLW: the governor’s phone must be broken

Famous Last Words Jeffrey David Matthews Oklahoma January 11, 2011 "Let my mother know I love her. I just want to thank everyone for their support. I also want to thank all my buddies on death row. I hear you banging. I hate to see you all in this situation. I'm sitting here enjoying my… Continue reading FLW: the governor’s phone must be broken

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Thomas Harry’s gravestone tree

Author and poet Thomas Hardy, who died this day in 1928, was commissioned earlier in his life to do something with extra gravestones in the St Pancras Churchyard in London. The outskirts of the Churchyard was scheduled for demolition to accommodate a railway. The bodies were dug up with care and respect, then moved to… Continue reading Thomas Harry’s gravestone tree