Connecticut · Newspaper clippings

Clipping: 3 bloodied bodies in a brothel (1872)

From The Chicago Tribune
Published January 8, 1872

A man and 2 women were brutally murdered in a brothel. The owner if the establishment was beaten on the head with an axe with parts of his skull broken, covered in brains and blood. One of the women was stabbed in the neck before bashed over the head with an axe. The second woman, the owner’s wife, had also been stabbed in the neck and her head bashed with an axe, but smoke was discovered creeping from under her. When investigated further, it was noted her clothing was on fire, her arms were nearly completely destroyed, and her legs were charred.

From the evidence — pennies discarded on the floor, the owner’s pockets turned inside out — the motive appeared to be robbery with the murderers planning to burn the brothel down to destroy the nature of their deed.Chicago_Tribune_Mon__Jan_8__1872_.jpg

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