January 6, 1872
Huntsville, Tennessee
Angeline Moore, an orphan and servant, is murdered

Angeline, 15 at the time of her death, was found in the wilderness in a battered state; her eye had been “mashed in,” her ribs broken and collarbone dislocated, and she had numerous bruises all over her body. Suspicion quickly fell upon the woman to whom Angeline was bound (Angelina was an indentured servant, a person who agrees to work for no wages for a set number of years in exchange for something pricey, usually travel expenses to America from Europe but sometimes also for food and/or shelter). The woman Angeline worked under, Keziah Thompson, as well as her daughter, were arrested. The motive behind the murder was suspected to be property that would be transferred from Thompson to Angelina.

I could find no further information on either Angelina or Thompson past the attached article and reprintings of it in other newspapers at the time. Whether Thompson and her daughter were found guilty, or even tried at all, is unknown.


A newspaper article from the Nashville Union and American (Jan. 30, 1872) recounts the discovery of Angeline’s body:


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