Italy · Religion

The martyrdom of St. Telemachus and the last gladiator match 

January 1, 404 Rome, Italy  The last gladiator match is held Telemachus, a Christian monk, halted a gladiator match. The crowd became furious and stoned the monk to death (an alternate story claims a gladiator killed him), but the Christian Emperor Honorius, moved by the monk's sacrifice, ended all gladiator matches from that time forward.… Continue reading The martyrdom of St. Telemachus and the last gladiator match 

Newspaper clippings · West Virginia

The death of Hank Williams 

January 1, 1953 Oak Hill, West Virginia  Hiram King "Hank" Williams dies on the road at just 29 years old Williams was born with spina bifida occulta which caused unending pain and lead to Williams abusing drugs and alcohol to alleviate the pain. On January 1, Williams' chauffeur, Charles Carr (19), asked Williams if he… Continue reading The death of Hank Williams 

Crime Scene Photography · England · Newspaper clippings

Man robbed, murdered, and mutilated

January 1, 1911 London, England The body of Leon Beron, bludgeoned and stabbed during a robbery, is found Beron was a slumlord, owning several dilapidated houses he rented out. When his body was found, bludgeoned, stabbed 3 times, and 2 curious S shaped cuts ("like the f holes on a violin") carved into his cheeks,… Continue reading Man robbed, murdered, and mutilated

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

The evils of fruit stores and their piano music

From The Chicago Daily Tribune Published January 1, 1905 For as long as there have been children, there have been children who disobey adults. And for as long as children have disobeyed, adults have attempted to blame their behavior on "bad influences." In the case of this 1905 article, insidious fruit stores lured children in… Continue reading The evils of fruit stores and their piano music