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Silent Hill (1999) is released

January 31, 1999 Silent Hill (PlayStation) is released in the US The first of an iconic franchise involved clunky controls, horrible voice acting, and the sort of low-res graphics that keep players from revisiting older games. But, considering it was released in 1999 and almost all the games suffered from the same issues, players were… Continue reading Silent Hill (1999) is released


Dillinger being lead through courthouse

January 31, 1934 Crown Point, Indiana Gangster, bank robber, and murderer John Dillinger is led through a courthouse to stand trial for a bank robbery he committed January 15, 1934 Dillinger was found guilty during this trial but escaped. The method of his escape is disputed, with a deputy claiming Dillinger used a real pistol… Continue reading Dillinger being lead through courthouse


Disappearance of Elisa Lam

January 31, 2013 Los Angeles, California Elisa Lam disappears from the Stay on Main motel (previously called the Cecil Hotel) While investigating her disappearance, a video of Elisa acting strangely in the hotel's elevator was discovered, having been recorded February 1. She seems to be playfully hiding from someone as she enters and leaves the… Continue reading Disappearance of Elisa Lam

Serial Killers · South Dakota

“Shoe Fetish Slayer” born

January 31, 1939 Webster, South Dakota Jerome Brudos ("The Lust Killer", "The Shoe Fetish Slayer") is born Brudos was a serial killer and necrophiliac who had a foot fetish; in his prison cell, boxes of women's shoes catalogues were found which he claimed to be used instead of pornography. Brudos confessed to killing 4 women,… Continue reading “Shoe Fetish Slayer” born

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Released today: Phenomena (1985)

Phenomena Released January 31, 1985 (Italy) * released in the US under the title Creepers This was easily the best movie I've watched involving a monkey butler decapitating a killer who had, in turn, decapitated people using a pair of scissors. It was also the inspiration of the video game franchise Clocktower, whose antagonist chases… Continue reading Released today: Phenomena (1985)