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Aftermath of the Iroquois Theater fire

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published December 31, 1903 Several pages dedicated to the fire at the Iroquois Theater the day before depicts the scene in which 571 died from either the fire, suffocation, or injuries sustained from attempting to escape. The entire 7 pages of articles addressing the disaster can be read here. (Note:… Continue reading Aftermath of the Iroquois Theater fire


The murder of Brandon Teena, Lisa Lambert, and Phillip DeVine

December 31, 1993 Humboldt, Nebraska 21-year-old Brandon Teena is murdered along with 2 friends after reporting a gang rape Teena was a trans man, a fact that was discovered at a Christmas Eve party when two men, suspicious about Teena's anatomical sex, forced him to remove his pants. The men, John Lotter and Tom Nissen,… Continue reading The murder of Brandon Teena, Lisa Lambert, and Phillip DeVine

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The French Ripper is executed

December 31, 1898 Bourg-en-Bresse, Ain, France "The French Ripper," or "L'éventreur du Sud-Est" ("The South-East Ripper") Joseph Vacher is executed Vacher, identified by his scarred face, accordion, and white rabbit fur cap, had spent 3 years wandering from town to town, dressed shabbily and accepting handouts from the more charitable citizens. He also spent those… Continue reading The French Ripper is executed