December 30, 1916
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Rasputin, a Russian healer completely enrobed in mystery, dies. Eventually.

A group of nobles, fearing Rasputin’s growing power, recruited two assassins to deal with him. Attempting a sneakier, more passive approach, they gave Rasputin food and wine laced with cyanide. When the poison failed, he was shot at close range, and his assassins assumed he was dead.

Rasputin had only begun to be killed, recovered briefly and attempted to flee. He was shot again and beaten for good measure, but again he survived. He was finally thrown into a river to drown, which, as it was Russia in December, was extremely cold. Somehow, by either hypothermia, drowning, massive blood loss, poisoning, or possibly starvation (he is found several days later) Rasputin finally died and effectively left behind a brutal legacy.

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